Hey, listen! You are a fairy. And you are in the fairy tale.

10 minutes, 3 levels, 1 story.

Made for Bored Pixels Jam 8 with "You are not the hero" theme in a week.


Use WASD/Arrows to move and Space/E/Click to drop items.

Fly around, collect thingies, bring to your hero.


Programming: Dmitry Manannikov

Game Design: Dmitry Kosinov

Third party

Art: Tiny RPG Forest by Ansimuz, and few other sprites here and there.

Мusic: Cammipple by ShnitzelKiller, and few more sounds from Freesound.Org.

Special thanks to 💜testers💜!


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Cool story, i like the simple gameplay, and the entertaining story, the music and the ambient is also awesome 


Cool story and dialogue. I wish there was a bit more challenge and a bit more things you could do as the sidekick though. Would be cool if the fairy could attack monsters by throwing coins at them or something. 


This was an amazing short story with the hero's intentions left up to the player, and the creative thought that sidekicks might get tired of people not talking to them. 7/10 Great Game