It's hardly easy, being the Universe. So, can't say I was shocked when one day it vanished without a trace. It clearly had enough.

Can't just sit amidst the void, though, twiddling our thumbs-to-be. We'll be starting from scratch, you and I. No experience in universe-forging? Not to worry. Just sit tight and enjoy the ride; 5 minutes or so, and we'll be where we need to be.

But before we begin, a bit of advice. If all this were happening on a screen, I'd suggest utilizing its surface to its fullest instead of being content with a mere window. Moreover, if music and sounds still existed, I'd strongly consider not disregarding them. 

Last but not least, if those fancy mobile devices were still around (I sure miss mine!), I wouldn't discourage you from using them. As long as the prospect of straining your eyestalks here and there isn't too daunting.

Yours truly,

Barely Existent Narrator

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